Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Tutoring Revolution Book!

It has been a great weekend so far here in California!

See what I got in my mailbox today?  The Tutoring Revolution book I ordered from Amazon!

This book provides in depth research through four themes:
  • a cognitive science perspective
  • an outcome-based education approach
  • a behaviorally anchored mastery learning model
  • a collaborative instructional consultation model of service delivery
This book also provides research on tutoring as a vital education practice to help more children and adults better reach their personal learning potential.   I just went over the introduction and table of contents.  The topics seem to be very intriguing and I can't wait to read and share my thoughts with you!

I'll be discussing topics such as...
  • What do we know about tutoring?
  • Is tutoring effective?
  • Does tutoring always work?
  • Does tutoring work for all students?
  • Is tutoring the best intervention?
  • Is tutoring more effective for younger or older students?
  • Do tutors need training?
  • How much tutoring is beneficial?
  • Why does tutoring work?

So..stay tuned!!

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