Monday, August 18, 2014

How to prepare my student to learn?

In my previous posts, I discussed how people learn.  

Have you ever wondered how to prepare the student, so he or she can learn and retain the most out of a teaching or tutoring session?

How to prepare my student to learn?
That is what we are going to talk about today – prepare my student to learn.  Of course, it can also apply to ourselves (as learners) when we need to learn something new.  The preparation phase for a teaching or tutoring session should contain these three elements:

  • Set expectations, or simply let students know in advance what they are going to learn in the class.  Refer to my post about “Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Learning Objective” to learn more about writing effective learning objects to set the stage right.

  • Obtain commitment.  Communicate the benefits the student will receive when he or she has mastered the new skills.  This creates an openness to learning because the learner perceives a potential personal gain in applying the knowledge and/or skills you want him or her to master.

  • Preparatory skills. Indicate any prerequisite the student needs before taking the class.  In addition, have student complete any pre-assessment and pre-assignment prior to attending the class.

The preparation for learning affects the attitude with which the student regards the discomfort of change, so next time, don’t forget to include these in preparing the student to learn!

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