Monday, August 4, 2014

$1,250-an-hour Tutor

Believe it or not, this tutor makes up to $1,250 an hour

I just saw this news from NBC today: A 33-year-old Indiana native who went to Notre Dame and got his masters at Oxford in philosophy and geology before becoming a high school teach in Washington, D.C.  His name is Nathaniel Hannan.  He makes up to $1,250 an hour.  (Click here to read the original news)

He loves to teach (just like me!) and he tutors the children of wealthy families.  Did I mention?  He makes up to $1,250 an hour.  It's the same tutoring business, but different clients.  His clients are millionaires and billionaires who are seeking at-home teachers to give their children a hand in the increasingly competitive and vital education race.  As the number of rich people grows around the world and as they split their time between different countries, they are creating their own home schools.

Before reading this news, I had never heard of this tutoring agency that hires and places tutors in the U.S. for rich families, but now I know!  The agency is called Tutors International, a London-based agency.  I can't believe the typical salary for a full-time tutor today is between $70,000 and $120,000 depending on the requirements.  What sounds outrageous is that Tutors International has placed one tutor who is making $400,000 a year and another who was paid $80,000 for just 16 weeks of work.  

What's even better? These tutors also get free housing, cars or drivers, paid travel and meals, and occasionally even a private cook and personal assistant.  I often thought I was in the wrong business - education. Boy, I was not totally wrong.  We tutors still have hope!

You know what's next? I am going to check out this tutoring agency and see what we tutors can do to help the rich kids across the globe.

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