Wednesday, July 9, 2014

YouTube Review #1 Part 2: Best Practices of Highly Effective Tutors

Continued from yesterday's tutoring video post......

I watched this YouTube video yesterday called "Best Practices of Highly Effective Tutors" posted by SOHhighschool in Feb 2012 and this post is a continuation (Part 2) of the yesterday's post.

Part 2 (Last three minutes of the video)

Counterproductive: setting a rule and not enforcing it will set a bad precedent

Important! This is one of the tips I always use when tutoring.  When I asked my students to complete the assignments or apply the knowledge to their work prior to the next tutoring session, I meant it.  If they did not complete them in advance, I'll communicate and reinforce the importance of practicing and applying the new knowledge before and during the session.  Why?  If you don't set consistent rules and enforce them, students will not take you seriously.  Setting the boundary and rules is a good way to practice responsibility and accountability.

Lesson learned: Set consistent rules and enforce rules that you set will create a 'no-excuses' tone for tutoring.

Counterproductive: spouting political (or religious) opinions can undermine parental trust

When my student asked me about my opinion related to a certain topic that may be sensitive, political or religious, I always kept it factual.  The key is to stay on the topic and be objective instead of giving a speech and picking a side (political).  Tutoring is not a platform for brainwashing students, so keep those opinions somewhere else.

Lesson learned: When dealing with sticky situation, ensure your opinion (when asked) is factual and objective.

Counterproductive: letting a student do nothing sets lax expectations

Yes!  Constantly engage, review and set high expectations are important for your students.  Here are some questions and statements I use:

  • Let's see what else we can work on today?
  • Can you please briefly walk me through what we covered last time?
  • Did you get a chance to review or apply what you learned last week?
  • We should have something to work on today, and of course after this session as well.

Lesson learned: Re-engaging students.  Try and keep students productive during all sessions.

Counterproductive: students will have bad days, but do not let that be a pass to do nothing.

Sometimes students can be emotional because of breaking up, or getting bad grades, etc .  This is a good opportunity for us tutors to build trust and provide tutoring support.  When it happens, try the following:
  • I am here to help you get through this subject at school.
  • I am here to support you.
  • I am here to help.
  • What can we do to get through this tough time?

Lesson learned: Try to redirect frustration or emotion whenever you can.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with these statements (counterproductive and lesson learned) above? 

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