Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Youtube Review #1: Best Practices of Highly Effective Tutors

Source from YouTube "SOHhighschool"

I just watched this YouTube video today called "Best Practices of Highly Effective Tutors" posted by SOHhighschool in Feb 2012 and would like to share my thoughts about this video:

Part 1 (First three minutes)

Counterproductive: Do not give false praise or set low standards

Push your student to achieve!  Yes, I totally agree.  When my student was telling me that she got a better grade for the final exam, I didn't just say "you did a good job and let's take a break".  Instead, I'll ask my student:

  • What's your next goal?
  • What else do we need to work on?
  • What can we do better this time?

Tips: I often talk to my students using "we" instead of "you".  Reason? I found that it's more collaborative and engaging using the word "we".  It also gives the student a sense of supporting and helping from the tutor.

Lesson learned: Help students set goals and go above and beyond the status quo without false praise.

Counterproductive: finishing incomplete problems will cripple students in the classroom

Push for complete answers with technical vocabulary!  I found that sometimes the students will guess or give an incomplete answer to a question I asked.   To ensure the student really understands the answer instead of guessing, I will ask:

  • What's missing?
  • How did you get that answer?
  • Can you please walk me through the steps to get the answer?

Lesson learned: Right is right.  Push students for precision and complete answers.

Counterproductive: do not undermine how the student is feeling

"Find opportunities for students to work through tough situations". Well..life is tough and school is tough, too...It is vital for tutors to understand how students feel.  I always practice "empathic listening" which means listening with intent to understand.  Empathic listening gets inside another person's frame of reference.  You look out through it, you see the world the way your students see the world, you understand how they feel.  Refer to Habit 5 of the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey.

Lesson learned: Find learning opportunities for students and really understand their feelings.

Alright fellow tutors, I will share my thoughts on the second part of the video (3:00-6:47) tomorrow.  I encourage you to watch this video and share your thoughts below!


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