Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Tutoring?

This is an interesting question for tutors out there.  There are many ways to teach such as being a private tutor, teacher, professor, and/or a corporate trainer.  Then, why tutoring?

What are your reasons of being a private tutor? 

I posted the same question on Reddit few months back and got quite a few interesting answers. Personally, the reasons I tutor can be boiled down into these 4 categories:


I believe passion is the key to everything.  Face-to-face tutoring is to share in a "intimate" way.  To me, it's about sharing my knowledge with another person to make him/her successful at school or at work. The smile on my student's face (or when the student shouts out "I got it!") worth more than $35/hour. It is priceless.  

Few years ago I was tutoring a grade 8 student (his name is Romeo) about high school physics.  I remember one day after the tutoring session, Romeo's mom came to the study room and smiled at me. She said "William, our family really appreciate your help and you're god sent!".  Then she handed a box of cookies to me to extend her appreciation.  At that moment, I was speechless.  This is the number one reason I continue tutoring and helping students.

Long-Lasting Relationships

I have met so many students through tutoring and seen them graduated from high school and/or college. Many of them have become my good friends even after I stopped tutoring them.  They are on my linkedin, facebook and what's app.  To me, tutoring is not only about teaching and learning, but also about sharing.  Sharing a wonderful experience together and throughout this life and learning journey.

Flexible Hours and Curriculums

Tutoring is being my own boss.  I decide when to teach and where to collaborating with the students of course!  That gives me the freedom to work around my schedules for family, friends, leisure and running errands.

Unique Designing Learning Experience

Teaching (or tutoring) is learning.  Each student is unique and has individual learning needs.  That makes tutoring interesting because I get a chance to prepare lesson plans and materials tailored to each student.  Whenever I have a new student, I will go through the ADDIE model of learning to prepare a lesson plan unique to my student.  If I already have an existing lesson plan for the subject, I will modify it based on the learning needs analysis.  Every time I go through the ADDIE model of learning, it is a learning experience for myself as a tutor.

So what are your reasons of being a private tutor?

Please share your thoughts below ;)


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