Thursday, July 3, 2014

The ADDIE Model of Learning - Development

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After you analyzed and designed your tutoring or lesson plan, the next step is to gather your training materials or create a new one.

Now we are ready to take lesson designs and develop the actual learning materials that students can use.

(Source from ASTD Designing Learning program)

Step 3 Development

Production activity that includes creating

  • participant learning materials (workbooks, practices, case studies, programmed e-learning)
  • facilitator guides (where appropriate)
  • visual aids (PowerPoint slides, etc)
  • test of materials (pilot test)

So how does it apply to tutoring?

In the "Development" phase, the most important task is to identify what materials you will use in your tutoring sessions.  Does your lesson include visuals (presentation slides), text (participant guide), and/or audio (multimedia)?

There are a lot to cover for the "Development" phase such as how to create great presentation slides and how to create student guides.  I will discuss them in the future posts.

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