Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The ADDIE Model of Learning - Design

Continued the post from yesterday...

Analysis is one of the most important steps to create your lesson or training plan.  Why? Imagine going to a road trip without a map, GPS or mobile device.  If you don't know where your final destination is, you will never get there.

In the "Design" phase, I use the the assessments gathered from the Analysis phase (step 1) to create the learning objectives for each task.  If you read the example in the previous post, one task could be to say "hi" and "how are you?" in Spanish.

Let's discuss the "Design" phase in more details:

 (Source from ASTD Designing Learning program)

Step 2 Design

Creation of a training strategy that includes

  • learning objectives for each task
  • assessments/tests to show mastery of the tasks
  • training prerequisites
  • sequence and structure of topics and lessons
  • selection of instructional delivery media/methods

So how does it apply to tutoring?

When you design your lesson plan, the key to success is to define a clear and meaningful learning objectives. If you don't have them, you will be driving without a map or GPS.  The class contents and materials such as notes and tests should be gathered to support each and every learning objective you defined.  I always use the following questions as guidelines to design a tutoring plan.

  • What learning objectives are important for my students?  Always use a verb to construct your learning objectives.  For example, at the end of this tutoring session, you will be able to start a basic conversation with a Spanish speaker.  I will share some verbs to use to create a learning objectives in the future post.
  • What tasks will my students need to perform after the class?  For example, say "hi" or "how are you?" in Spanish.
  • What do my students need to know before acquiring the new knowledge?  For example, before learning "I am great!" in Spanish, my student will need to learn the word "great" as a prerequisite.
  • Will the tutoring session be provided through online, face-to-face, or other methods?
  • What learning methods are best to support the learning objectives?  For example, role play to practice the basic Spanish conversation.

Hope this post will give you an idea on how to design your tutoring or lesson plan.  I will go over some of these points in the future post, so stay tuned!

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