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The ADDIE model of Learning - Analysis

ADDIE Learning Model - Analysis

If you are an experienced tutor or training professional, you probably heard about ADDIE model.  ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation.  This is the model I use when I design and develop my lesson plan or training.  This is a great model to follow because it provides a framework and structure to create a lesson plan for your tutees or students (or employees if you work in a corporate environment).

From my experience as a tutor and full time learning professional, ADDIE model can apply anything related to learning, training and even tutoring.  Are you ready to learn about ADDIE model?  

Here you go:  (Source from ASTD Designing Learning program)

Step 1 Analysis

Sometimes called "Training Needs Assessment," it includes

  • definition of individual performance results 
  • identifying performance measures for the task to be trained
  • identifying skill or knowledge requirements
  • determining level of instruction needed based on the performer analysis
  • creating an evaluation strategy for training

So how does it apply to tutoring? 

Start asking the following questions before creating your lesson plan.  Let's use tutoring Spanish as an example.

  • What will my students learn at the end of the day? For example, say "hi" and "how are you?" in Spanish.
  • What are the end results?  For example, able to start a basic conversation with a Spanish speaker.
  • What specific knowledge does my student need?  For example, the correct pronunciation of "hi" and "how are you?".
  • What is my student's current level and knowledge about this subject?  For example, my student has no prior knowledge about Spanish.
  • How do I measure the competency and knowledge acquired? For example, create a role play to start a conversation in Spanish with the student.

Hope this provides you a good starting point when you go through the "Analysis" phase of the ADDIE model.  We will talk about the D or "Design" phase tomorrow!

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