Saturday, July 5, 2014

The ADDIE Model of Learning - Implementation

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend so far!!  Continued the post from this week...Today, we will talk about the "Implementation" phase.

Many tutors think that actual teaching (in session) is the most vital part of the entire learning process for adults and/or children.  Yes, the actual teaching is important; however, the difference separating a great tutor from a good tutor is how much effort he/she put in the analysis, design and development phase.

When you have finally complete the analysisdesign and development portion of the designing learning process, the next step is to "implement" or "put on the show" for your students.

(Source from ASTD Designing Learning Program)

Step 4 Implementation

Putting the training (or tutoring) into action, including
  • an implementation plan for conducting the training
  • conducting the training

So how does it apply to tutoring?

It is pretty straight forward.  It is where the fun starts (at least for me) - the actual teaching and tutoring the students!  We all love tutoring and sharing, aren't we?

Sounds pretty simple, right?  Yes, surprisingly, to us tutors,  teaching or tutoring is not the hard part of our job, but to analysisdesign and develop the class materials that meet the students' learning needs.

Alright.  We are almost at the end of the ADDIE model of learning.  Tomorrow we will go over the "Evaluation" phase on how to review and revise each phase and come up with a evaluation strategy for tutoring.

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