Monday, July 14, 2014

Understanding Your Students (Performer Analysis #2)

How to conduct a Student Analysis or Performer Analysis?

Part 2

Yesterday, I provided an overview of the student analysis or performer analysis to find out your students' learning needs.  As promised, I am sharing the list I use to conduct such analysis for tutoring, teaching and corporate training. Feel free to download a copy as a reference.

I used this list to find out more about my students such as their background, level of expertise about the subject, demographics, attitudes toward the subject, and design considerations.  Keep in mind that each learning needs assessment (ADDIE model of learning) will be different.   After answering the questions in the list, you should get a clear picture of what your students look like (not physical appearance), but their background, current knowledge, and demographics, etc.

Try using this list to find out more about your students and design your next lesson plan. Feel free to share your thoughts, Like or +1!

Source and credit from ASTD Designing Learning Program

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