Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coffee Break #2: Funny Tutoring Video

The Angry Tutor!

In the second episode of our Coffee Break series, I will be sharing this funny tutoring video called "This Angry Tutor!" from YouTube.  Please don't take it serious.  It was just a funny video that made my day!  I am glad that I have never met any students like this..so far.

What I learned from this YouTube video:


We tutors need to focus and help our students to focus on the subject.  Don't get distracted from the irrelevant questions (Joanie can make 12 friendship bracelets and Victoria can make 24 friendship bracelets in the video).  F-o-c-u-s means follow one course until success, so focus on the subject!  That means no swearing, no touching, no music, no drinking and no video games in class!


No matter what happened in the class, don't get mad!  We tutors need to be patient in all circumstances. I know this video is kind of extreme, but it's always a good practice to be polite and professional when teaching or tutoring.

If you missed the first episode of funny tutoring video, click here to check it out!

Thank you for watching.  I hope this brings a big smile to your face!  Remember to share, like or +1 if this makes you laugh, too!

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