Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coffee Break #1: Funny Tutoring Video

I have shared few posts related to instructional design and tutoring tips this week.  Hope they are helpful!  Today, we will watch a short (kinda funny) clip together!

Coffee Break #1

Son! Your New Tutor is Here
(Source from and 

I'd like to share this short tutoring video (see below link) that I found on  What I learned from this video is that we tutors need to "behave" while tutoring!  Especially if you tutor a student with a different gender, ensure to behave and tutor professionally.

Professionally (to me) means......

  • Wear appropriate outfit such as shirt, pants, jeans, closed toe shoes, etc.  Personally I think T-shirt is okay if the environment is casual
  • Don't touch the students' body (well, high five is okay)
  • Don't use words that imply sexual content
  • Don't use too much slang terms in class
  • Don't curse in class
  • Focus on the class material, please!

Here is the video link.  Sit back and enjoy!

What do you think?  Are you a tutor like the lady in the clip?

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