Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 Online Tutoring Services You Can Use Today

Online tutoring services are among the best platforms a student can use to help get ahead academically, from one-on-one session to virtual classrooms, often 24/7.

On the other hand, these services provide tutors a great way to find their students and organize teaching schedules, payments, etc. Cost is another reason to use an online tutor. For students, it is relatively inexpensive compared with private tutoring which can often cost a lot more an hour. For tutors, it saves time to advertise and find the right students.

Here is a quick overview of each tutoring service:

  • 40 subject areas
  • Fourth grade through college students
  • Tutors are available all day every day
  • App for iOS, Android
  • SAT pre for high school students

Sylvan Learning

  • Reading and math
  • Pre-K through high school students
  • Tutoring takes place during the same hours that its centers are open

  • Subject areas from high school, college and graduates in the disciplines of computer science and engineering
  • Online virtual classroom using video and document sharing


  • Math, science and language tutoring
  • Third grade to high school students
  • Booking in advance for a good match of skills to need

Growing Stars

  • Test prep, IT courses
  • Third grade to high school
  • Tutoring takes place through one-on-one online

Which one do you use today?

Original source from "7 Online Tutoring Services to Help Rescue your GPA" at by Chandra Steele

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